Krappo Music Has Arrived!

Richard Head & The Krappo - Music Band

Welcome to the Krappo-Music web site where you can listen to exciting music of a different kind, giving you an insight into a new exciting world where love of Mankind is what really matters. Krappo-Music music is for those souls that search for music created from the innermost parts of their souls.

In 2015, I met up with Vaughn Jones, a man of deep conviction for producing fantastic music from the many tracks I had already produced that carried unique & exciting lyrics of a different kind. I took my new music name of Richard Head and my Krappo-Music band! The world will never be the same.

Quickly forming our Head & Jones Partnership led to the Krappo-Music company of many great music yet to be judged throughout the world of music. Our music is not the “loud-power” music of today’s endless high-volume culture – Krappo-Music is a company where Head & Jones work on a different fusion of music power.

We invite managers, singers and others to talk to us about their needs of obtaining one or more of our tracks awaiting their success. Give us a call to discuss this exciting possibility where your future may be then changed forever.

Richard Head